From the age of 5, Krista Dengler had a desire to learn how to play the piano and had no idea how the Lord was starting to unfold His plan for her life at such a young age. She started playing for the worship band at church as a teenager but never had a desire to sing in public. At the age of 20, the Lord showed Krista He was calling her to use her voice to be a worship leader. As she said “yes” to His calling upon her life, many opportunities opened for her to lead worship at women’s events, Bible Studies and services at church. Her passion is to worship and her desire is to lead people into the presence of the Lord. Five years ago, Krista’s Dad went home to be with Jesus after a long battle with brain cancer. In walking through the hardest trial of her life, she came to understand what it really means to bring a sacrifice of praise through worship, trusting that even when our circumstances change, God never changes. He always stays the same as our good Father no matter what we walk through and because of that He is worthy of our praise. She has chosen to keep singing and worshipping through the trials and the joys of life, because God is faithful and His ways are perfect. She wrote the title track, “Still I Will Sing” in the past two years as she was learning all of these truths and choosing to worship and sing even through the pain of losing her Dad. It is a prayer to God that through the joy or pain in life, still she will sing and praise Him no matter what, because He has been faithful every step of the way.